Memorial Day

May 24, 2017

USA was always a dream to me since I remember myself, it was just a place I wanted to grow old, everyone around me used to say, "Oh Keren it's a big dream, start small..." But, when you dream, you don't think of the "dimension" of your dream, you imagine and create in your mind the things you want the most, not big or small, every dream is a universe for his creator. Eventually, this dream made his way to reality.  In the past 10 years, I live here, work here, raise my kids and celebrating both holidays, dream more, big or small... but like every beginning it had some challenges and difficulties, such as language, culture, the street traffic, sports, switching from Europe to US units and measurements (Ugh!, that was the hardest one :-) everything looked so far away from what we used to know. But there was something very special that made me feel home then and today, it was the people, the home of the free people!
Today after 10 years in this beautiful country I feel so proud to be part of this great nation, to be able to give back through my work, through my art and through the eyes and spirit of my young generation,  which probably are making their own dreams right now.
I wish you all a Happy Memorial Day :-) 



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