About me

Hi, I'm Keren, a mother of two super-boys, Ofek & Omri, a wife to my best friend and a professional photographer. 
I live in Los Angeles and love everything about it: the sun, the wonderful beaches, surfing, friends, delicious food, traffic? Oops, did I say Traffic? Well,

I can at least enjoy some music… anything old or new as long as it has good vibes.   

I studied some fancy-schmancy stuff but always had a passion for photography, as I grow up beside my wonderful father, who never missed an opportunity to catch us in every single moment. I'll spare you my childhood pajama photos…

I'm a sucker for snapshot photos, of my kids, of my friends, of street art and ordinary people, Can you blame me? I'm daddy's girl.

I feel grateful for the gift bestowed on me. Making people's special moments last forever. My life experience taught me that these moments we choose to document are the ones we will cherish for life.

Okay, enough about me!

Now it’s your turn. I can’t wait to hear all about your plans and I hope to be there when your story is told.


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Keren Cohen Photography | Beverly Hills, CA | (310) 801-9066